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How Investment Direction Works

Managing your assets might take less talent than you think. Directing your wealth takes more.

Your Role

Share Your Expertise With Us

You are the expert when it comes to you! Your goals are personal, so we expect what you share with us will be, too. No matter how much professional expertise we offer, you are the only one who knows what you want to accomplish.

That's why paying attention to you is so important, and that's why our methodology relies on building a strong relationship with you. Through the dynamic conversations we have over time, we learn your definition of success and work toward it together.

Our Role

Use Our Knowledge and Skills to Reach Your Goals

As investment directors, we commit ourselves to two distinct areas of knowledge.

The first is professional. We have industry access, familiarity and a broad education in all the areas you need to implement our framework with professional skill and efficiency. The second is relational. We get to know our clients.

When we apply our leadership, critical thinking and creative skills to these two areas of knowledge, something extraordinary happens. We uncover a plan for your version of wealth and investing success and structure it—then enjoy the benefits.

Your + Our Results

Create Results that Tell Your Story

There's a practical aspect to having an investment director at your disposal—there's a lot less to worry about.

But if we're doing our job well, your financial investment strategy and wealth management will positively affect your relationships, your lifestyle, and even your daily habits. The experiences your life is made of will change.

You might even find that your life begins to feel more like you. You'll get to see the payoff from well-managed assets and excellent planning for the future you've felt was coming, ever since you worked your very first job.

Investment Directors Have These Qualities



An investment manager knows the industry, but using that knowledge to lead is what makes directors different. Directors think critically and use their authority as fiduciaries to lower investment risk and achieve objectives. They are skilled educators and guide clients to realize meaningful goals.



Investment direction is a creative role. The job requires imagination and exploration, and it consists of designing a holistic and entirely unique outcome for each client. Directors appreciate the difference between the experience of wealth and the simpler objective of more money in the bank.



Directors are motivated by relationships and are more concerned with individual results than with corporate ones. They are empathetic and genuinely interested in the people they work with. They think of clients as their intellectual equals and honor clients and their financial authority.

Investment Direction Gives Clients What They're Paying For

Wherever we exchange money for something we want, we have to approach individual vendors to get it. They're in charge, and we access their offerings on their terms.

If you have an investment advisor, you’re paying someone to increase your wealth and how you utilize it. But when you approach them on their terms, you forfeit the benefits.

What clients are hoping for is an artist.

From a client-advisor relationship perspective, any of us who are clients are paying for an individualized outcome. We want a personalized version of wealth—in other words, wealth on our terms. 

As described in our story, today’s model contrasts with this expectation clients (rightly) have—that the investment advisor is looking after their specific and best interests.

Industry experts don’t characteristically understand clients well enough to offer the outcome they’re after. And clients don’t understand the industry well enough to look out for their own interests, let alone detect their manager's negligence.

But we believe that while the popular picture of an  

investment advisor is made of myth, what clients are hoping for from industry experts is real.

Clients expect an expert who will use all their faculties: their instincts, industry knowledge, and strategic leadership to increase their wealth.

In fact, perhaps that's why the purported creativity and strategy of a "stock market genius" sounds so attractive—those are the skills we need to turn money into the experience of wealth.

Rather than a salesman, clients are hoping for an artist. They're looking for creativity. They hope they'll direct their assets to make something new and unique. Like a conductor, creating harmony through the assets they've built over time, so they can realize a future they can't fully describe, but know they want.

Our methodology is a model of service that revolves around our relationship with each client. It restores functionality to address client priorities, utilizes a data-driven and non-discretionary investment framework, and implements values that prioritize the outcomes clients are hoping for.

We don't require clients to approach us for our expertise and then just trust our instincts.

Instead, we use our instincts to study individual client needs and revolve our tasks around them—keeping them involved along the way. It’s a humane approach, informed by the way our clients wish to exist in the world.

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