The investment industry
has an ethical problem

So far nobody’s fixing it. Until now.

"It's easy to sell clients a myth. But what they want from us is real, and we can deliver it."

―Regan Ervin

Industry professionals preserve the misconception that our work is too difficult to understand. Like a doctor’s. And, like a good patient, the public believes our role guarantees trustworthy behavior, but it doesn’t. It should.

Clients Want Us to Help Them Design the Future

The client-investment advisor relationship is built on trust. But is that trust misplaced? And how can clients know the relationship with their advisor is working?

Our founder, Regan Ervin, enjoyed investing. He was motivated by the possibilities and he'd experienced the benefits. But when he started to work in the investing industry professionally, he wanted more for clients than the common practice offers.

Typically, clients defer to an expert who has the freedom to manage their wealth. And all too often, the expert takes advantage of their powerful position, either by guiding clients to invest where it benefits the advisor most, or by diverting client attention away from catching on to underperformance.

But Ervin believes that clients can and should be actively informed while working with an advisor. Through their ongoing relationship, clients get a sense of what their wealth can accomplish. And the effects of this partnership permeates every aspect of clients' lives.

"What clients want is help imagining and customizing their futures," Ervin says. "Every time we make that future elusive, we delay the service we're being paid to provide."

Ervin developed a framework that builds client awareness of the market and puts clients in charge of their own outcomes. Clients utilize (rather than defer to) professionals like us, and we work hard to help them direct their money to accomplish their specific goals.

Our model of management- investment direction- is our answer to the industry's failure to act in the best interests of clients.

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Discover What Investment Direction Can Do For You

Step 01

We Educate Each Other

Our website offers pathways to industry knowledge, and we continue your education in person. But investment direction requires that you educate us too. One of our most important tasks is to learn about you, and discover how you define success.

Step 02

We Take the Bias Out of Investing

We use our factor-based investing framework to manage your portfolio. Data and proof guide your investing, not a "pro's hunch". We're also a fee-only firm. This means no commission products. Ever.

Step 03

We Direct Your Wealth

As your investment director, we focus our portfolio management efforts where we can have the most impact. Then we use our creativity, leadership and tactical skill set to help you reach personal outcomes with your wealth.

You can understand investing.

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